“For a long time it puzzled me how something so expensive, so leading edge, could be so useless. And then it occurred to me that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match.”
Well, this quote by Bill Bryson might have given you smell of a Software Engineer’s website.

Namaste User,
This is Ankit Mathur a Software Engineer. Yeah, I do write optimal codes in different programming languages (No Doubt in this). But, don’t panic I will surely use english with you.
This website works both as my personal website & as a blog. You can create your own account here and enjoy blogging with me and other users. It also connects you directly with social web pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and many others. Thus, here you can do your professional works without any disturbance of ads, illogical pop-ups, trojans or any other sucking Internet spams. Also, you can chat with other users & me after logging-in in the chat box available in right pane.

Apart from developing my technological essence I have shared some of my details of my life. This sharing may give you a little description of mine but for further contacts you can browse my Contacts page and directly interact with me.

For now, I wish you happy browsing & a peaceful life.
I request your much awaited & most required feedback whether you like something or dislike any of the content here. You can also rate the web pages (rate available at the end of the web pages).

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