Well, as far as my hobbies are concerned, they are not exactly like an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during my leisure time 😛
I usually do such things whenever I feel underestimated, tensed, sad or ironically very much happy 😀
Without wasting much space on web with my text (:P), I would like to mention my hobbies as:-

  •  Like every non-alien social animal, I also love to play Chess, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis & Badminton
  •  Love to browse freely over Internet
  •  I am not crazy about music but yes, I love to hear songs & my favorite singer is Late Mr. Kishore Kumar
  •  I like to ride bike
  •  Driving car can be considered as one of the most interesting activity
  •  Do research work on Space Sciences
  •  Love to play with rabbits and peacocks
  •  My Personal Computer is like my virtual friend & we both spend as much time with eachother
  •  Play games with my PC, He also plays some tricks on me… Specially, he teases me during exams and on important deadlines
  •  Being curious about almost everything is my favorite past-time
  •  Unlike normal human beings, I love to sleep

……… many more hobbies are still with me to mention here but, as I said earlier, my PC has started teasing me. Let me handle him first then, I will come to you here again.
Till Then,
Sayonara from this web-link… 🙂