Eat, Sleep… Eat, Sleep… Works for you too?

Just now I have realized a Life’s truth (probably just for today), and that is,

“Domino’s Pizza is True Love of My Life…”


One beautiful morning of Sunday, I felt into deep thoughts thinking about  ‘What am I going to eat in later time?’ Omens were positive and the cool breeze brought to me a menu of domino’s. I held it right in front of my eyes, my eyes were gleaming with pizzas and then came the moment when I kissed a pizza image. In next 30 minutes, we were together. I let the desperate pizza to go through my lips and then my mouth. It was a lovely feeling. All of a sudden, I felt something which I have felt many times in my life before. It was HUNGER! I felt HUNGRY!

Just now I ate whole medium pizza! Then why?  Why?  Why?  WHY?

Before ordering something more to eat I decided to discuss this with matter with science.


♦ Me: Hey science! Why do I feel hungry?

Φ Science: Hunger is our bodies’ response to having eaten less than normal. It is caused by brain when it reads the change in levels of nutrients.

♦ Me: But just now I ate a cheese burst ! Still I hear my stomach rumbling.Why?

Ω Science: You have eaten fatty food. There’s a classification which goes as:

Fatty Foods, trick the brain into believing that you have eaten fewer calories than you actually have, causing you to overeat. This is because fatty foods such as butter and fried foods contain a lot of densely packed energy.

However, other foods give a lasting sense of fullness. Fibre triggers the release of gut hormones that make you feel full. A low fibre diet though, with little or no wholemeal produce or fruit and vegetables, may leave you open to feelings of hunger.

Foods with a low GI (glycaemic index) such as nuts, vegetables and beans release energy more slowly than high GI food such as white bread and sugar. Eating more low GI foods will suppress your hunger by increasing levels of gut hormones that help you feel fuller for longer.

♦ Me: Are you trying to blame me and my body, that we don’t know what to eat?

ϒ Science: Meh.

♦ Me: You dare blame either of us!

β Science: I have some free advice for you. After that you decide, what to eat. Ok?

♦ Me: You know what, I don’t like anyone lecturing me about what I eat. Your words have always been criticizing about eating habits. Its your last chance to make a lasting good impression on me. Just focus on my next to words, Impress Me.


φ Science: Two major hormones which tip the balance between hunger and fullness are leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is released from the body’s long term fat stores, which we all have, and suppresses hunger while ghrelin causes stomach rumblings as a physical reminder to eat.

Obese people have often built up a resistance to the effects of leptin. This is because over a long period their bodies have got used to such high levels diminishing its effect. For an overweight person trying to diet the drop in leptin that accompanies any fall in body fat stores can feel like starving as the reduced leptin levels feel too low.

♦ Me: Get lost! I will eat whatever makes me feel happy. You dare tell me from now on!

π Science: Umm, I have a food + happiness combo offer for you. But please, take care of the quality and quantity of it.

♦ Me: Now you are talking! Please tell.

All Ears for offers

All Ears for offers

ρ Science: Serotonin hormone makes you feel happy after eating. Sugary foods produce a quick boost of energy which can elevate mood temporarily.

Food can be strongly linked to social situations such as going out for a meal with friends, so it can be difficult to eat less as this would impact on your social life.

Emotional eating can also be a response to stress. The stress hormone cortisol triggers a craving for foods that give you a fast release of energy – including sugary and fatty food. Stress hormones encourage fat cells to form which gives the body more space to store fat.

♦ Me: Well, thank you so much science. I am glad you increased my knowledge base with these things. See you later. Bye!

Hi folks!

Well, I don’t think I can follow up with all of these facts & suggestions by science, but I will try.

Seems like I have realized truth of life (probably just for today), and that is,

Eat what makes you feel happy and doesn’t harm anybody near you…

Just, don’t break the wind 😉


Sources: Internet


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