Avoid Green Tea! If,


DISCLAIMER: The article is not intended to harm anyone’s sentiments, philosophies, views, facts and figures. It is just written with some personal experience and some knowledge gained through Internet browsing. You are not advised to follow the article if you have any lack of confidence on any word.

Indeed, Excess of everything always comes with Aftermaths. Similar is the story with Green Tea also.

Green tea is said to be causing constipation, upset stomach and liver problems in few people who have taken it in excess. It is also known that green tea reduces consumption of iron from food. So, because of high dosage there have been some cases reported for vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, dizziness, ringing in ears, confusion, etc.

Below are some areas under which people should ignore Green Tea or take it in very minimal dosage.

  1. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding:


    Upcoming mothers should only take at most 2 light cups of green tea. Taking in high and heavy dosage may lead to miscarriage. And, for new moms the same rule applies because the child will also be taking caffeine if you are taking it and iron deficiency may also occur because green tea is said to reduce iron intake from food.

  2. Weak Bones:
    Green tea can increase the amount of caffeine flushed out with urine so, either take calcium supplement or reduce intake of green tea.
  3. Bleeding problems and Heartbeat diseases: If your body is not good at handling bleeding and irregular heartbeat, then ignore green tea because it sometimes causes irregular heartbeats.
  4. Glaucoma: Green tea increases pressure in eyes for 30 mins. after 1st intake and the effects remain for at least 90 mins.

So, the point is not to stop you from taking green tea, but to bring into your knowledge that this awesome tea which has millions of benefits also comes with few drawbacks which we all should take care of.




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