Why 2 Eyes to See ?


It very much fascinates many that:

  • Why do we have 2 eyes to see things?
  • Why isn’t one enough?
  • Why don’t we see 2 objects from 2 eyes?
  • Why waste energy of 2 eyes to see only 1 object at a time?
  • Why can’t we replace 2 eyes with a single large eye?

Well, very basic science gets applied to answer these questions. Brain receives a different “picture” from each eye. With two eyes, we see an object or a scene from two slightly different angles. The eye muscles automatically focus both eyes on same object. The signal goes to our retina and then to our optic nerve. Then brain manipulates the signals and generates an actual view of the scene or object.

Advantage you ask?

This gives us a 3-D view of our surroundings. We easily manipulate the depth of utensils, colors of flowers, shadows also give us a view.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get 3-D view if don’t use both eyes, but you won’t get accurate results of scene in front of you.


Try Yourself !

  1. Hang or stick a clean white paper on a wall.
  2. Mark a black dot on it.
  3. Take a chair, keep it 2 feet away from the wall.
  4. Now, make the chair suffer with your butt 😛
  5. Close left eye and view the dot. From right where you are sitting, place your forefinger just below the dot.
  6. Now, without moving the forefinger, close left eye and view the dot from right eye.
  7. You might feel slight difference between the view you got.
  8. Now, open both eyes and view the dot.
  9. You will surely feel great relaxation in viewing the dot and focusing on it.
  10. Now, end the suffering of your chair 😛


SOURCES: Internet


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