Tug of War With Joomla CMS!


The text below isn’t meant to harm anybody’s rights, sentiments, thoughts or beliefs. Its just a simple discussion that can be taken as a feedback. Neither Content nor references for this post are not taken from any website and it contains only personal opinions. If any match is found, that would be considered as purely co-incidental.

Before I begin, I unconditionally apologize.

Joomla is one of the most renowned Content Management Systems and is widely used over the world. Despite of the fact that many websites are perfectly fulfilling their tasks, Joomla seems to payoff.

You ask someone and he/she might say that I don’t need Joomla any more.

Already there have been lot of discussions on drawbacks of Joomla or disadvantages of Joomla, but very few of them provides solutions and suggestions. I will be partially following the same approach. I will try to point out TOP 10 lacks of Joomla, Let’s begin.

Digging Into Joomla Lacks:

  1. By Default, You Don’t Know Your Own Website:
    PROBLEM: As soon as you install Joomla, you don’t know what folders are there on your site, where are your files stored and you don’t even have a search box to find any such thing. So, right from the beginning you require a Joomla extension to explore your website structure. If you are thinking to say anything that contains “Media Manager”, then hold your breath. It only allows users to view images folder of the site, nothing else.

    SOLUTION: Team Joomla should be requested to provide an inbuilt file explorer for further ease of use of Joomla. 

  2. Feel insecure, if you are novice:tug-of-war-with-joomla-cms-insecure-imagePROBLEM: Initially, Joomla just provide a security of htaccess and default PHP security. These are not sufficient enough to protect your website. Anytime it can be hacked and if you don’t have any backup, then consider the situation as hammer on the dagger stabbed at your back. This doesn’t mean that your site can’t be secured, don’t panic there are lots of Joomla extensions which promise to secure your website and you just need to wisely choose one of them.

    SOLUTION:  Team Joomla should be requested for providing a secure htaccess file which contains denial for most commonly used attacks. Many Joomla experts don’t suggest to use any extension for security purpose. You can ask your hosting provider for further security reasons.

  3. Send emails from your site. Are you sure?tug-of-war-with-joomla-cms-email-imagePROBLEM: Joomla allows you to enter some email configuration that can send emails to your blog subscribers, customers, friends and others. You don’t say: “That’s good. What are trying to point out here?” As, I am saying that there is no instant option to check whether your configuration details will work or not. Ohk, lets assume that the details won’t work. How would you test?
    • Initially, simplest way: Register a user on the site. That should send a mail. FAILED?
    • Change the configuration and try again. FAILED?
    • Change the configuration and try again. SUCCESS?
    • Now, go and delete the spam registrations you have just made + Count the time wasted + Handle the spam mail you have just received.

    SOLUTION: Either use a Joomla extension for such a purpose or ask Team Joomla to embed such a feature in Joomla itself.

  4. Sample Data Itches:

    PROBLEM: While installing Joomla, if you have installed sample data and now you want to get rid of it, then there is no single click procedure by which you can do this. You have to go all around the images folder, menus, articles, bla, bla, bla to manually delete the things. And if you don’t delete it, then you are left with very few options:
    a. Setup another joomla kit without sample data
    b. Manually delete the whole sample data which is scattered on your site at many places you don’t even know.
    c. Bang your head with the current scrap

    SOLUTION: Team Joomla can be asked to give an option to remove sample data from the joomla setup.

  5. URLs Compromise Security:

    PROBLEM: Joomla CMS use a certain pattern of URLs for all websites and this technique allows hackers to identify the URL contents and breach into the website.

    SOLUTION: Team Joomla can be asked to apply some sort of encryptions for the URLs and if someone wants to access the original URL, then some credentials can be set for it.

  6. White Screen of Death:

    PROBLEM: In case of some critical errors Joomla shows up a blank white screen, which doesn’t even give an idea about what has happened? Most of the forums first ask the user to enable debug system and error reporting.

    SOLUTION: At least, the user can be redirected to a help page which tells him/her about the incident that might have happened on the site. Also, the help page may ask the user to enable debug system and error reporting so as to preserve time of support team.

  7. With Great Power Has Come Greater Confusion:tug-of-war-with-joomla-cms-confuse-imagePROBLEM: Indeed Joomla is very flexible and thats why there are tons of extensions available for it, but this has laid foundation of confusion for customers. They don’t know
    a. Which extension to trust,
    b. Which extension to purchase,
    c. Which extension would work for them,
    d. Which extension will not compromise the site security and many more.
    And guess what, even if someone asks from Team Joomla to recommend an extension for the user’s requirement. Then this question brings a white screen of death on face of Joomla people because they can’t market any extension. So, they don’t give exact suggestions in most of the cases (which is a right thing).

    SOLUTION: Joomla extension directory should be requested to provide a better search option to filter extensions according to:
    a. Most Reviewed extension
    b. Highest ratings of an extension
    c. Other extensions from the developer team
    d. Popular extensions
    and many other options can be added….. Of course, this is supposed to be done categorywise.

  8. Looking for Site Logs?

    PROBLEM: Neither backend nor frontend of Joomla site can show logs of your website. It doesn’t mean that Joomla doesn’t maintain logs, yes it does, but to view the logs you need to gain access to your server from the hosting provider. In this way, the logs are not much helpful specially for those who are beginning with Joomla.

    SOLUTION: Team Joomla can be asked to provide logview functionality at the backend of site. This would be much better if access logs of site is also included.

  9. Aren’t you technical? Crap Nuggets!

    PROBLEM: If you are planning to move your site contents from Joomla into an extension OR from an extension to Joomla OR from Joomla to other CMS, then this becomes little tough for the Joomla users. It misses the functionality of easy export and import. If you really want to move the data, then you need to go berserk with databases, table prefixes, URL slugs and take care of other glitches like loss of data.

    SOLUTION: Team Joomla can be asked to provide much more flexibility in migrating data of the website. No matter if someone is upgrading the website or mixing the Joomla data with extensions of extension data with Joomla, there can be an option to export and import simple things.

  10. Finally, Few Words of Praise:Sorry, couldn’t find out any other major lack in Joomla. Indeed it is one of the best CMS in the world. It is like chassis of a car. Bring your own best materials to get best out of it. Thumbs Up for this great CMS, Hail Joomla!



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