Being Invisible: Let’s Checkout !


Getting state of invisibility has always been a mystery for scientists, but around you there are many people with traits of invisibility.  Despite of the fact that they are invisible, mystery of invisibility remains.

At times, we each may feel as if a certain someone, or that society as a whole, has taken it upon themselves to make us feel invisible. This may be due to our own social actions (or lack thereof), or perhaps a simple misunderstanding as to the hints a person drops when they take notice of you. Let’s give a try at what these invisibile-ites feel, think, believe and how others can misinterpret them.

They never felt the need to be social:

Many people expressed that they haven’t felt the need to be social and they would rather prefer relationships with a close-knit group than spreading their energy. They are social in their own limited circle but not the way others expect them to be. If you have to choose between quality and quantity, you should go for quality when it comes to building relationships.


They are not easily box-able:

This is a problem more for others who are “dealing” with these smart people. Human beings have a need to “box” other people – that gives them the comfort knowing “who they are dealing with.” Many smart people (ex: polymaths) are not easily “box”able – increasing the difficulty to being social.

They don’t believe ROI story:

They don’t believe the general explanation of ROI. Their logic – the general ROI explanation “assumes” that one does not have a better use for the time invested in being social. These people don’t buy that and say that the alternatives (for example, inventing something new, writing a book etc.) available are equally or more powerful.

Most of them are kind:

They won’t hurt you in any manner, they will tolerate all your silliest talks, they will try to keep others calm. Even if you hurt them, they won’t react much because they believe in making everyone else happy around them. Many have said that, if someone hurts them, then its absolutely fine if the person feels lighter or happier than before.

Here are some solutions for such invisible people, if they want to implement:

  1. It is important to feel good about yourself. Your attitude needs to be positive.
  2. Tell yourself how confident you are. You may not believe this initially, but the more you tell yourself “I am a confident person”, the easier it will become to feel confident. Your subconscious will believe you are confident if it is told often enough.
  3. Dress to Stand Out, Not to Fit In
  4. Stop Avoiding Conflicts with People

I understand that implementing this is not very easy, but don’t forget there doesn’t exist any word “impossible”. Just Do It, an awesome life awaits you, All The Best 🙂



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