Google AutoComplete – A Mirror On Society

The Bob Angle

Back in late 1990s, soon after the Internet entered the public consciousness, some of the search engines of the day (Web Crawler, Lycos, Infoseek, Alta Vista) had pages showing a real-time, unfiltered search feed. I found this fascinating, and I used it to peer into the minds of the general public to see what piqued their curiosity. It also gave me the illusion of possessing God-like powers – the ability to know what everyone was thinking at that very moment. Sadly, there are no more real-time search feeds (at least, none that I can find), but I have discovered a new way to peer into the minds of the population, by combining two Google search features. In fact, these two features used together are not only more entertaining, but may be useful to budding sociologists.

Feature #1: AutoComplete: Back in September 2010, Google introduced a new time-saving feature called AutoComplete…

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