PayPlans: A Bandit King of Open-Source Membership Software

PayPlansPayPlans has laid millions of golden eggs, but the Poultry Farmers are unaware of it. They don’t even know the golden eggs and their sources. These golden eggs (Features & Scenarios of PayPlans) are fulfilling the requirements of more than 50,000 Internet users worldwide (known/unknown). Coming to the point, lets get into the farm and look for best crops you can get out of it.

What is PayPlans?

PayPlans is an open-source Membership Management Software which can be used to launch membership websites with a single blink of your eyelids.  (Not, considering those who don’t blink eyelids ;)) Those who wish to sell their memberships online, then PayPlans can be single handed solution for them and to get double handed solutions, you can contact Team PayPlans by email. The team is highly,


For example, if you want to sell membership of your Gymnasium through your website, then you have to follow three steps:

  1. Develop a website on which you will sell the memberships
  2. Install a Content Management System, like Joomla!
  3. Install a Membership Management Software (MMS)

The first two can be easily searched and completed in no time, but the problem come when you look for membership management softwares. There exist thousands of membership management softwares, but only few can serve you at their best and one of them is PayPlans.


When you sold memberships of gymnasium you had to:

  1. Manually manage certain plans
  2. Lots of paper work
  3. Record keeping
  4. Synchronising data
  5. Manage expiry of plans
  6. Sources of payments
  7. Limited area of customers
    and many more hardships….


20th century gifts you a product which solves all your hardships of selling memberships online. In this century, all the steps you have to follow to sell memberships online  are:

  1. Install PayPlans on a CMS (Content Management Software, like Joomla!)
  2. Use PayPlans
  3. Use PayPlans
  4. Use PayPlans
  5. Use PayPlans
  6. Use PayPlans
  7. Use PayPlans
    ……… PayPlans: During your life and Even, after your life………

Basic Features of PayPlans?

  1. “Single click installation” (You can mark the words)
  2. 30 day money back guarantee
  3. AppVille: A huge collection of apps and plugins to boost your websites
  4. Lucid Interface
  5. 35+ themes available and customizable too
  6. Light Weight for your websites
  7. High Priority support available for you
  8. Migration facilities available
  9. Available in multiple languages
  10. Open Source
  11. Long range of high profile partners
  12. What You Say Is What You Get
  13. Regular discounts in micro-mini periods of interval
  14. RAIN OF DISCOUNTS: Just use Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  15. Licensed under GNU/GPL
  16. Integration with many other components
  17. Integration with JoomlaXi also available
  18. Attractive Pricing
    ……fooohhh…… their features are never going to end-up

Gimme a break, it would be better if you yourself visit them and contact them according to your requirements or any sort of queries (if any).

What You Need Is What You Get!

PayPlans Membership SoftwareTo sell your memberships online, you can create plans on PayPlans and easily sell them on your websites. Every time your plans is sold, you can receive payments from a wide range of Payment Gateways (PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, EBS, and many others available on AppVille).

Apart from payment gateways, you can restrict your website content too, according to the plan(s) subscribed by your customers. Also, you get more than 35 themes for your websites and you can also create your own themes by using Theme Builder provided by PayPlans.

Support, is the service which you will get always. They will respond you every time you reach them and all your problems regarding memberships will be resolved at highest priority.

Better you use the product discussed above and this time I highly recommend you to contact PayPlans Team if you face any problem regarding your membership selling or any other queries, because they are upto the mark and will guide you much more appropriately.

Sources: PayPlans (Membership Management Software)


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