Techie Talks…

Let’s have a look at conversation of two techies who are discussing about selling membership and membership software:

Eric: Hello Puneet!

Puneet: Hey dude! Wassup?

Eric: Not at all enjoying.

Puneet: Which trouble is with you this time?

Eric: I am tired of handling the hard copies of selling memberships and manual workflow of the whole functional unit.

Puneet: What sort of memberships?

Eric: I sell memberships of golf club. Here, members get various facilities like free medical service, education loans, tickets of golf championships at low costs, free play of golf for 2 hours everyday and many more.

Puneet: Do you provide these facilities to all members?

Eric: No, I manually manage some plans which embed these many facilities. The facilities given to members depend upon the plan he/she purchase from me.

Eric: Lots of paperwork is done by me, I am tired of it. Even, re-subscribers are very less because of this hectic procedure.

Puneet: So, what do you want to do now?

Eric: I am looking for a software which can sell memberships on my behalf.

Puneet: Even if you possess a software, then also you will be required to monitor the details on timely basis and manage your plans accordingly.

Eric: Please tell me if there exist any solution.

Puneet: Lots of membership softwares are available which will minimize all your hardships in managing memberships.

Eric: Do I need to invest something for that software?

Puneet: Yes. But, you can use either open source or proprietary membership management software. Open source membership software is what I suggest you because of its lots of flexibilities.

Eric: Okay! But how will I use it?

Puneet: See, you need three things before you get a membership software to sell your memberships.

Eric: What are they?


  1. A Content management System (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.
  2. Using CMS, you will create a website which will display all your plans and other advertisements.
  3. Last you require some services which you want to sell to your customers.

Eric: Ohk. Then, what will the membership software will do?

Puneet: First you should install the membership software at your end by using a CMS. Then, you will be able to:

  1. Create plans
  2. Manage their time limits and costs
  3. Group similar type of plans under certain categories
  4. Manage subscriptions of user from backend itself
  5. Receive payments from various payment gateways
  6. View your sales and profits on the dashboard itself

and a lots of more facilities. Better you experience yourself.

Eric: WOW!!! That’s truely awesome dude. Thanks.

Eric: Will you please do one more favour for me?

Puneet: Yea, sure.

Eric: Please gimme some examples of membership softwares.

Puneet: Ummmmmm…… PayPlans is the membership software which is trending now. I have also used it and it’s work is awesomely awesome.

Eric: Ohk. Thank you Puneet.

Puneet: No formalities dude. Enjoy!

Eric: bbye! c u later… 🙂

Puneet: Yeah…. bbye 🙂


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